Winery and Vineyards – Mainqué, Río Negro, Patagonia

The perfect partner from lovely Patagonia…

As Argentina specialists we would be incomplete and sadly lacking without a Patagonian producer. Finding the right partner down there amongst the world’s most southerly vineyards wasn’t easy as there aren’t many producers.

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For us it was never going to be a box ticking exercise; the wines had to be spot on, and with Aniello we are very happy we’ve found something really special. Whatever preconceptions we might have had about Patagonia, it certainly proved to be very different indeed from Mendoza; so very green, the Andes conspicuous by their immediate absence, a huge river running right through the vineyards, and low altitude!

With vines grown near the little town of Mainqué in the Upper Río Negro Valley, (Patagonia’s finest enclave for wine) Aniello is a relatively small venture encompassing old pre-phylloxera Malbec vines and a winery originally established in 1927. (In fact, the first ever vine plantings in Argentina were planted in Patagonia.)

The team at Aniello have completely renovated the old, beautiful little winery and have breathed new life into the vineyards. The wines themselves represent the modern face of Patagonia – fresh and juicy with a touch of untamed wildness and beautiful concentration. We are delighted to bring you these unique, lovely wines from Patagonia.

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006 Malbec