atamisque serbal cab franc

serbal Cabernet Franc 2021


Cab Franc – the next big thing from Mendoza? Possibly. It ripens beautifully and consistetly here every vintage, which simply cannot be said of the Loire. Currently the only factor really limiting Cab Franc’s potential in Mendoza is the very small number of hectares under vine, but that is changing as producers see its potential both as a blending agent and a single varietal star. The divine aromatics that we love from this grape – that unmistakable burst of green capsicum when you cut through it with a sharp knife, those glorious ripe red fruit notes of wild raspberry and strawberry – they abound in Serbal Cabernet Franc without becoming overbearing. And no green tannins! This is a brilliant wine, medium-bodied, beautifully aromatic, fresh, juicy and distinctly moreish.

91/100 points, Tim Atkin’s Argentina report 2023 (2022 vintage)