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beauty and intrigue in equal measure…

French grape varieties didn’t really exist in Argentina prior to the mid-19th Century. Finca La Cayetana, just a short drive from Mendoza City, was the first to be planted with French grapes and was fully planted (70 Hectares) by 1860.

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The first building here was constructed in the late 1700s and was later extended in 1865 and 1949, the manor house of the first large winery estate in the area. The house was purchased in 2013 by Eduardo and Emilia Soler (Eduardo of our very own Ver Sacrum wines) and is today home to an experimental vineyard and vine nursery as well as a cornucopia of stunning artworks. The couple lovingly restored the property with the utmost respect for its rich history and tradition, with sustainability at the forefront of their minds.

La Cayetana is fundamentally Emilia’s project, with Eduardo’s assistance in the vineyard and tiny winery (garage!). There are plantings of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Pedro Giménez, sometimes referred to as Pedro Ximénez but not thought to be related and probably better described as Criolla Blanca as it is here. Ancient techniques such as biological ageing (maturation under flor) are practiced alongside modern precision viticulture, all with the aim of restoring the great tradition of Los Vinos de la Tierra de la Cruz de Piedra.

When we discovered Ver Sacrum we were immediately excited. To find this sister project working alongside, offering beauty and intrigue in equal measure, was something extra special.

La Cayetana Criolla Blanca

La Cayetana

La Cayetana Malbec

La Cayetana

La Cayetana Syrah

La Cayetana

La Cayetana Pinot Noir

La Cayetana