Winery and Vineyards – Los Chacayes, Uco Valley, Mendoza

A new adventure for old friends… 

Matervini is the inspirational new wine adventure of winemakers and co-founders Santiago Achával and Italian-born Roberto Cipresso, both formerly of Achával Ferrer.

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Producing only 40,000 bottles across all of their wines, the journey is one of exploration and testing the boundaries of what can be achieved, growing grapes in both traditional and new areas, on old and ‘new’ geological platforms, soils from 40 to 450 million years old. Matervini’s base is Los Chacayes in the Uco Valley, nudged up against the Pre-Cordillera of the Andes,

but winemaking takes the team to a wide variety of locations. Sustainability is very important here too, and Matervini is a pioneer in using only renewable energy sources; all organic waste is composted and returned to the vineyards; all electricity and heat is generated by solar panels.

The wines are impeccable and exquisite, harnessing both technical perfection and the unpredictability of wild nature. Founded in 2008, this relative newcomer to the Argentine wine scene has two great talents at the helm and Matervini is surely set to become one of the most highly admired producers both home and abroad. We are delighted to represent them in the UK.

Matervini Blanco


Matervini Tinto


Matervini Malbec