lorca block1 malbec

Block 1 Malbec 2019

Mauricio Lorca

It would be odd to say the least to introduce a new range of wines without the inclusion of a fine Malbec; remiss, rude even! This one, from Los Árboles, Tunuyán, Alto Valle de Uco at 1250 metres above sea level, planted in Lorca’s typical high-density fashion, does not disappoint. It typifies the journey over the last 15 years from ‘jammy’ to elegant and fresh without losing one ounce of impactful concentration. It is neither the super-lean style that has become quite trendy lately, nor does it hark back to the blockbusters of old in any way, it is simply one talented man’s expression of a wonderful grape variety, done his way. 12 months in new barrels, 90% French, 10% American.