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malbrontes malbec-TorrontÉs 2022

Mauricio Lorca

Back in 2008 – before we became Ucopia! – we came up with the idea of making a blend of Argentina’s two most prized varietals, Malbec and Torrontés. It was a sort of homage to some of the great and famous reds of the northern Rhône, but the idea was fundamentally to take good quality Malbec and make it even more attractive in the everyday drinking stakes. Some people thought the idea was daft, including winemaker Mauricio Lorca, but we forged ahead and, happily, all these years on, the wine has proved extremely popular. The delicate aromatic qualities of the Torrontés (just 5% in the blend) adds an extra, subtly aromatic, floral dimension to the wine. It also adds a dash of refreshing acidity. Malbrontes Red is designed to be soft, easy and delicious; we think it has worked.