ver sacrum dona mencia

Doña Mencia de los Andes 2019

Ver Sacrum

Mencia from Mendoza; who’d have thought it? Wine geeks will probably buy this just because of the intrigue – and they won’t be disappointed. This is highly aromatic with lots of dried flowers – almost garrigue-like notes – cherry-drop candy, almonds, a burst of black cherry and a hint of black olive. Ever so sensuous in the mouth with lovely tension and fruit expression, we suspect this wine will age beautifully. This bears very little resemblance to Mencia from north-west Spain (and we are big fans of that too!); it has an elegance rarely found there without extensive bottle ageing and it seems that the earthiness is replaced here by fruit and flowers.

93 / 100, Descorchados 2020 (2017 vintage)

93/100 points Tim Atkin’s Argentina Special Report 2023 (2019 vintage)