cazot orange

Vallée des Aigles Cazot Orange 2021

Serodes & Kovač

With a nod towards the traditions of ancestral winemaking dating back to the ancient Greeks and then the Romans, our great friend Boris Kovac has made this wonderful ‘orange wine’ by fermenting the juice in contact with the skins and the seeds. This is not one of those very heavy, dark, oxidative / ‘funky’ orange wines – that’s not really our bag – on the contrary this is delicate, fresh, pretty and utterly moreish.

It’s a co-fermented blend of Grenache Gris, Grenache Blanc, Maccabeu and Malvoisie, with emboldened structure from the tannins of the seeds and skins and natural colour from the skin pigments. The grapes are manually pushed down into the fermenting juice for 8 days.

The nose is a delightful swirl of mandarin and peach blossom, the palate is light and fresh and bursting with exotic flavours – mandarin, orange, candied citrus peel and a whiff of Turkish Delight. A wine with tremendous energy and personality.