Vallée des Aigles Cazot Rouge 2019

Serodes & Kovač

Another delightful example of good, honest winemaking from the talented Monsieur Kovac and his Vallée des Aigles project. This is a blend of stalwart regional favourites Grenache (55%), Syrah (35%) and Carignan (10%), fermented in old 500 litre French oak casks. After 45 days the free-run juice is transferred into smaller 2nd and 3rd use barrels for maturation.

The nose offers a flourish of delicate floral aromas and layers of ripe red fruits, especially wild raspberry and strawberry. The tannins are fine and exquisitely balanced, and the finish is sublime. Here is another wine that underlines in no uncertain terms not only how good a winemaker is Boris Kovac, but what a hugely under-estimated region Languedoc-Roussillon continues to be, and what great value it offers!

The name Cazot references the small, rudimentary stone-built shacks that were erected in days gone by to protect vineyard workers from inclement weather amongst the vines, but mostly from excessively hot Summer temperatures. Some of these structures can still be seen, fully intact or otherwise, in this part of southern France.