limoux rouge

Vallée des Aigles Limoux Rouge 2016

Serodes & Kovač

Further proof that the Languedoc – and specifically the vineyards in and around Limoux – are capable of great things beyond cheap ‘n cheerful, this gorgeous blend of 70% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc and 10% Syrah belies the region’s over-riding identity in a wine that boasts elegance, complexity and concentration in equal measure. After hand-harvesting the three varieties are placed separately in stainless steel vats where gravity does the work. The juice is left in cold maceration with the skins for three days with cap punching twice daily. Fermentation proceeds in these same vats and each varietal rests there for 6 months before blending in April of the following year. Happily, this wine also has extensive bottle ageing, adding greatly to its subtlety and finesse.

Proudly named Limoux Rouge, this is not a wine that is easy to compare with anything else, nor should it be. We celebrate this much under-rated region at every possible opportunity. Great job Boris Kovac and David Serodes for bringing this little beauty to life.