Spanish Wines

Spain has the largest vineyard area of all the major vine-growing countries in the world with close to one million hectares under vine – nearly ten billion square metres. That’s around 13% of the world’s vineyards. But it’s not quantity we’re interested in here.

el vino lo es todo

As far as natural partners for Argentina go, Spain seems an obvious choice for Ucopia. There’s the common language factor for one thing but, more importantly, there is the significant contribution that Spanish settlers made when they arrived in Argentina with their vines in the second half of the 19th Century. That contribution was handsomely matched, however, by the French and arguably more so by the Italians. We do sell French wines, we don’t sell Italian wines. So there goes that theory!

The real reason we have adopted Spain as a country whose wines we want to get behind is simple – there’s such great value to be had, and so many exciting styles of wine from north to south and east to west.

Spanish Vineyard 1
Spanish Vineyard 2

In truth we are only scratching the surface with Spain and there are other companies out there that do a far more comprehensive job than we do, but it’s fair to say that our criteria for sourcing the best possible quality wines for the money are every bit as strenuous here as with Argentina.

We are very proud of the wines we have sourced. They are all exclusively available through Ucopia and we will look to seek out more in due course.

Our wineries in

txakoli folk2


Winery and Vineyards – Getariako Txakolina, Basque Country

crushing grapes

Convento San Francisco

Winery and Vineyards – Peñafiel, Ribera del Duero

winery 2.2

Esteban Martin

Winery and Vineyards – Cariñena