Winery – Fuenmayor, La Rioja Alta; vineyards – La Rioja Alta, Rías Baixas, Rueda, Toledo

Vintage 1870…

Bodega Montecillo is among the oldest Rioja houses, founded by Don Celestino Navajas in the La Rioja Alta town of Fuenmayor in 1870. Based on the area’s fine terroirs and with quality-minded practices driven by Don Celestino’s Bordeaux educated sons, Montecillo has long been a revered name among Rioja connoisseurs. Today Mercedes Garcia Ruperez is winemaker at Montecillo. She is a triple degree holder in Oenology from the University of La Rioja; Agriculture Engineering degree from the University of Madrid; and, Master’s degree in Oenology & Viticulture from the University of Madrid.

The hand and mind of Garcia Ruperez has been guiding Montecillo for the last 14 years. As a trained viticulturist, she is very mindful that great wine begins in the vineyard. Despite its historic reputation, Montecillo remains at the cutting edge of winemaking technology. The oenological team use everything from GPS-controlled vineyard systems to small Flextanks to craft complex, expressive wines.

Mercedes Garcia y Carmelo Espinosa Montecillo 3
Mercedes Garcia Ruperez Montecillo 2
Mercedes Garcia Ruperez Montecillo
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Part of our attraction to these wines was and still is their overwhelming freshness of style. Not even the slightest whiff of brett here, sadly in our view still a taint that is commonly found in Rioja wines and even embraced as part of the ‘style’ from certain bodegas. In fact, as part of her agreement to go to Montecillo, Mercedes insisted on a thorough overhaul and deep-clean of the winery, and the wholesale replacement of the winery’s barrel stocks in order to promote the fruit-forward, energetic style that is her winemaker’s hallmark.

The modern face of Rioja has never looked so appealing in all styles as it does in the hands of this extremely talented winemaker.

Solaz Organic Tempranillo

Rueda Verdejo 2020

Montecillo Rías Baixas Albariño 2020

Rioja Blanco 2021

Montecillo Rioja Rosado 2019

Montecillo Rioja Crianza 2017

Montecillo Rioja Aniversario 2018

Montecillo Rioja Reserva 2014

Montecillo Rioja Edición Limitada 2015

22 Barricas Gran Reserva 2011

Viña Monty Garnacha Reserva 2015

Viña Monty Graciano Reserva 2015