el otro rosado

el otro rosado 2021

Esteban Martin

El Otro is our own little brand, hatched as an idea in the spring of 2021 when Ucopia was taking shape and we realised we were embracing the challenge of being ‘the other’. The labels are not an attempt to please everyone because, let’s face it, if you stand in the middle of the road for long enough you will probably get run over. The wines themselves, however, are genuine crowd-pleasers without a hint of compromise anywhere in the making. All El Otro wines are certified vegan-friendly.

First off, it’s the ‘right colour’, delicate pale pink, thoroughly on trend. Next up, a nose bounteous with ripe red berry fruit aromas with a splosh of creaminess, finishing properly dry with just a hint of natural residual sugar. Made from 100% old bush-trained Garnacha vines from this superb, medium-sized family producer, El Otro Rosado is a cracking little wine, proudly uncomplicated.