Barrel-less Tannat 2019

Barrel-less Tannat 2019

Viña Progreso

Now then! Cast aside any preconceptions you may have of wines from Uruguay, positive or otherwise. While you’re at it, you might as well cast aside most of your preconceptions of bottled premium red wine. Instead, picture yourself in a small winery in Uruguay, glass in hand, the winemaker pouring directly from a small concrete tank. This fabulous, dark purple, fresh (weirdly refreshing!), highly aromatic Tannat might just blow you away with its sheer vibrancy and energy, unhindered you might say by any great length of time in bottle and certainly without oak. So often we’ve found ourselves in wineries tasting stunning young wines and simply saying: “Bottle It now please”. That’s exactly what Gabriel Pisano has done here, not that he will ever need any advice from us!

One of two wines from Viña Progreso’s Underground Collection, this really is a wine that could make people think seriously and differently about Tannat and open it up to whole new horizons. It is certainly capable of ageing over 7 – 10 years at least but it is just so good in its youth; that’s the whole point.

“What a beautiful nose – clean aromatic, violets and floral notes with spice, fig and rose petals. An incredible structure on the palate… the texture is rich and the wine finishes very long indeed.” 93 / 100, Alistair Cooper’s Latin American Wine Guide, Best Tannat (2018 vintage)

91 / 100, James Suckling, Taming the Tannat:

93 / 100, Tim Atkin Uruguay Special Report 2020 (2019 vintage)

94 / 100, Decanter Magazine, Uruguay Sustainable Viticulture (2019 vintage)