Winery and Vineyards – tupungato, uco valley, mendoza

a man who knows a thing or two about sparkling wine…

Jean-Edouard de Rochebouët, or JE as we call him, helped pioneer ‘méthode champenoise’ wines from Argentina in the early days of Domaine Chandon in Mendoza. More recently he has been the main man behind the fantastic wines of Bodega Atamisque, introducing them to many markets throughout the world including the UK through Ucopia.

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Cave Extrême is something of a side project for JE and a way for him to keep a hand in, so to speak, in a wine category that is most dear to his heart. It’s a tiny production operation housed within Bodega Atamisque.

Everything is done with meticulous attention right down to the riddling and disgorging by hand.  The project also benefits greatly from the expertise of Atamisque’s winemaker, the eminently talented Philippe Caraguel.

The wines themselves consistently raise eyebrows for their complexity and thoroughly convincing quality, surprising those who might not have considered traditional method sparkling wine from Argentina as a thing prior to tasting these.

De Rochebouët Extra Brut

Cave Extrême

De Rochebouët Extra Brut Rosé

Cave Extrême